That syncing feeling

Oh, hi there! You must be here because you’re interested in finding out who creates all of this nonsense. Well, my name is Cody, also known as Captain Rotgut Redbeard. Yes, I’m an adult that has a pirate name. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I’ve been drawing since I can remember and as of recently, I’ve been trying to make something of it. More than a hobby, if I’m lucky. I grew up on cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tex Avery’s Screwball Classics. Those stuck with me more than they probably should have, but it means I’ve got a unique way of expressing my thoughts.

I live in the Bay Area with my amazing wife (with a wee one on the way) and two cats, Buddha and Brian.

If you’re interested in getting a hold of me for any reason, you can send an email to thecaptain@kraken-graphics.com