The start of a children’s book

The best part for me in creating a children’s book, is coming up with the characters.

Without giving too much away, my wife and I are creating a children’s book. She’s handling the writing, and of course, I’m doing the illustrations. It’s still early, but I really like what we have so far and it’s coming together nicely.

The one thing I struggle with is seeing the art in other children’s books. I can’t help but feel like I need to further refine and explore other styles that are outside of my wheelhouse. I generally stick with cartoons because it’s what I know. Should I challenge myself and try something different for my first book or just keep on keeping on?

Here’s some characters I have so far.

Small hamster wearing shorts, sneakers and a hoodie.
The protagonist for our story.

I spent some time thinking about what animal should be the protagonist. Ultimately, I landed on a guinea pig because his size would work well with the other animals.

A hippopotamus in a track suit and hat.
The greatest hip hop hippopotamus.

I know I really wanted a hip hop hippo, and it only felt natural to put him in a Run DMC tracksuit and hat.

Two bears, one holding a guitar and both are dressed like they're in a rock band.
A couple members of the bear band.

The bear band is a big one for me. I wanted this rock and roll group to encompass more than one species of bear and more than one genre. I think it worked out well.

Two bears, one holding drum sticks and both are dressed like they're in a rock band.
A couple members of the bear band.

The heavy metal bear was a little more intense in previous versions, so I pared back just enough to make him friendly yet still metal. A panda bear was the perfect choice.

Tell me what you think!

Author: cptnred

As a native Bay Area-ite, I've found my way into the tech industry as a tech writer. While I enjoy instructing the masses, by true passion is illustration and making art. Aside from that, I'm a metal head and love music in general. My wife and I created this little person that has given me a whole new perspective on life and it's him I do all this for.

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