Bear and Hare – Compromise

Bear and Hare – Compromise

Bear and Hare 001

Here’s the first peer into the lives of Bear and Hare.

As much as I like creating pieces with detail, cartoons always come first. Anthropomorphic animals generally take precedence. I joke that my brain is like Toon Town from Roger Rabbit, but there’s really something to that.

I’m sure there’s some relation to equality and how we should be able to treat each other with dignity,. despite our inherent environment and upbringing, but that’s putting a lot on a silly comics about woodland creatures.

Author: cptnred

As a native Bay Area-ite, I've found my way into the tech industry as a tech writer. While I enjoy instructing the masses, by true passion is illustration and making art. Aside from that, I'm a metal head and love music in general. My wife and I created this little person that has given me a whole new perspective on life and it's him I do all this for.

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