The start of a children’s book

The best part for me in creating a children’s book, is coming up with the characters.

Without giving too much away, my wife and I are creating a children’s book. She’s handling the writing, and of course, I’m doing the illustrations. It’s still early, but I really like what we have so far and it’s coming together nicely.

The one thing I struggle with is seeing the art in other children’s books. I can’t help but feel like I need to further refine and explore other styles that are outside of my wheelhouse. I generally stick with cartoons because it’s what I know. Should I challenge myself and try something different for my first book or just keep on keeping on?

Here’s some characters I have so far.

Small hamster wearing shorts, sneakers and a hoodie.
The protagonist for our story.

I spent some time thinking about what animal should be the protagonist. Ultimately, I landed on a guinea pig because his size would work well with the other animals.

A hippopotamus in a track suit and hat.
The greatest hip hop hippopotamus.

I know I really wanted a hip hop hippo, and it only felt natural to put him in a Run DMC tracksuit and hat.

Two bears, one holding a guitar and both are dressed like they're in a rock band.
A couple members of the bear band.

The bear band is a big one for me. I wanted this rock and roll group to encompass more than one species of bear and more than one genre. I think it worked out well.

Two bears, one holding drum sticks and both are dressed like they're in a rock band.
A couple members of the bear band.

The heavy metal bear was a little more intense in previous versions, so I pared back just enough to make him friendly yet still metal. A panda bear was the perfect choice.

Tell me what you think!

Bear and Hare – Charmed

Bear and Hare – Charmed

Bear and Hare - 002

Sometimes great ideas come from idle chat at work.

Lucky Charms has always been my favorite cereal and was up until I was given a freezer bag full of just the marshmallows. It’s safe to say, my experience with the cereal has never quite been the same.

Bear and Hare – Compromise

Bear and Hare – Compromise

Bear and Hare 001

Here’s the first peer into the lives of Bear and Hare.

As much as I like creating pieces with detail, cartoons always come first. Anthropomorphic animals generally take precedence. I joke that my brain is like Toon Town from Roger Rabbit, but there’s really something to that.

I’m sure there’s some relation to equality and how we should be able to treat each other with dignity,. despite our inherent environment and upbringing, but that’s putting a lot on a silly comics about woodland creatures.

Recent Digital Pieces 3/29

Here’s a quick bundle of recent digital pieces.